Do Your Own Favor (DIY) Ideas & How Tos

You want a bar as one-of-a-kind as your guest of honor.

We want you to have a personalized favor just as special and unique as the guest of honor, regardless of the occasion or theme. While we continually add new designs based on current trends and customer requests, we want you to find the perfect bar that is one-of-a-kind to fit your needs, whether changing colors, fonts, or messaging. Even with a vast selection of designs, we are happy to work with you to create a design that is 100% unique and created by you. 


You will see a preview of your design, an electronic proof, before placing your order. Even once you've checked off your approval of this proof, your order will receive the personal touch it deserves. Our graphic designers fix incorrect punctuation, spelling and grammar, as well as adjust the size of fonts and images to make sure your order prints perfectly. If we believe anything is missing or of concern, we will contact you by phone or email just to make sure.

Professionally Printed

Your wrappers and stickers are printed on a best in class digital printer using the professional 4-color CMYK color model. The colors you see on your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device may differ some from the printed colors. If an exact color match. Or, Contact Us for assistance. 

Photos and Images

SIZES: We accept most file types, but prefer high resolution JPG or EPS files. Image sizes of 3" x 5" to 8" x 10" with a resolution of 150 – 300 dpi will print best. File sizes of 1MB or larger usually provide the best quality. When uploading or emailing images from your mobile device, send the largest file possible. If necessary, our design team may request a new image to make your custom wrapped look amazing.  

FILE FORMATS: JPG / JPEG, TIF, and PNG files, and artwork created in programs such as Illustrator (preferred), Photoshop (preferred), Powerpoint, Publisher or most other formats are accepted.

RETOUCHING and EDITING: If desired, our designers can usually remove minor blemishes, red eye and backgrounds. We can also change color photos to black and white or sepia. Just ask!

ADDITIONAL HELP: If you wish to use a photo print, no problem. Or, if all of this image and file size language speak sounds like Greek, no worries. Just contact us and we'll assist you to get the one-of-a-kind personalized favors you want.

PERMISSIONS to REPRINT IMAGE: We accept your photo, image or artwork with the understanding that you have permission to use it. We're sorry, but we may have to refuse to print a licensed logo or character. We will contact you if there is any concern regarding the image rights to reprint. We hold the necessary permissions to sell designs that we feature throughout our website. 

DIY Videos: Wrapping Your Personalized Candy 

We know a lot of hostesses are budget-conscious or prefer DIY. We include printed instructions with every order of "unassembled" candy bar wrappers. Also, we have created several videos showing you how to wrap your candy bar. Click on a video below to view the topic. Videos are under 3 minutes in length. 

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