About Us

Make every occasion sweeter.

Just Candy, just because.

Simply said, Just Candy makes every occasion sweeter.

Traditionally, the personalized candy and candy favors market was mostly serviced by small mom-and-pop businesses who charge exorbitant prices and offer a limited selection of designs and candy. Fully-assembled candy favors were non-existent in the mass marketplace. We realized the need for a one-stop shop for candy party favors and bulk, the idea for Just Candy was born. With the launch of the ecommerce website in October 2016, the idea transitioned into a reality.

We know parties, and know how those little personal touches can make an event so much more memorable. Backed by more than 30 years of expertise in identifying gaps in the occasion category, and innovating the retail business models to meet those needs, we deliver outstanding party and costume related supplies at cost-conscious prices.

Today, the growing team at Just Candy is committed to outstanding customer service, simple ordering, offering a vast selection of truly unique personalized candies and top quality assembled favors, and fast delivery to each customer for every event. We want to help you find the best favors for your big event or your intimate occasion, and are happy to help you discover what kind of candy will best suit your theme.  

Indulge yourself and your guests in delicious sugar bliss by having Just Candy sweeten your next occasion. 

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