Candy Bars

Bulk Candy Bars

We're not quite sure what nougat is exactly and we'd never eat a bowl of it plain, but cover it in chocolate and press it into bar form and we're all in. Such is the magic of the candy bar, which is quite possibly the pinnacle of the confectioner’s craft. Just Candy not only has a great selection of candy bars, all available to buy in bulk for your next party or event, we can make the great candy you love even better. Impossible you say. Well, what if you could take those delicious chocolate treats and add a customized wrapper that says virtually anything you want or even add your own picture or logo? Then, they'd be perfect for weddings, birth announcements, engagement parties...well, just about any occasion. they'd even be great for promoting businesses at trade shows, as customer thank you gifts, or as a novel twist on the venerable business card. (Note: customized candy bars will not fit into a standard size Rolodex.) Just Candy gives you tons of options to customize your candy bars your way. Order yours today.

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