Bubble Gum

Bulk Bubble Gum & Colored Gumballs

Just Candy bubblegum will blow you and your friends away! Decorate your next party or candy buffet with colorfully classic Just Candy bubblegum. Bring a pop! of color to your occasions with our selection of vibrant bubblegum colors, or truly dazzle your guests with our variety of colorful shimmer gumballs. Here’s an idea: spice up your child’s next birthday party, or any party for that matter, with a bubble blowing contest and see who takes home the prize (which is bubblegum of course) for bubble blowing mastery. Bubblegum makes the perfect addition to any gift bag, and has been shown to make kids 15% quieter on long car trips. As an added bonus, chewing gum helps stimulate the digestion process, so stock up on bulk bubblegum at our great Just Candy prices, and always remember to follow good bubblegum etiquette. Popping your gum is generally frowned upon in public settings and that sticking the gum under the desk thing is a definite no-no.

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